Exercise Videos

Below you will find over 270 videos that demonstrate workouts for various muscle groups. These are the same videos that you can get on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Checkout iPersonalTrainer and iPersonalTrainer HD on the iTunes store.

Muscle Groups

Men's Exercises

Men's Ab Exercises | Men's Back Exercises | Men's Bicep Exercises | Men's Calve Exercises | Men's Chest Exercises | Men's Forearm Exercises | Men's Glute Exercises | Men's Hamstring Exercises | Men's Quad Exercises | Men's Shoulder Exercises | Men's Trap Exercises | Men's Tricep Exercises

Women's Exercises

Women's Ab Exercises | Women's Back Exercises | Women's Bicep Exercises | Women's Calve Exercises | Women's Chest Exercises | Women's Glute Exercises | Women's Hamstring Exercises | Women's Quad Exercises | Women's Shoulder Exercises | Women's Tricep Exercises

Mens - Shoulders

Lateral Raise

DB Military Press

Single Cable Rear Delts

Single Cable Lateral Raise

DB Front Raise

DB Rear Delts

Arnold Press

Barbell Front Raise

Reverse Cable Crossover

Barbell Military Press

Single Cable Front Raise

Reverse Pec-Dec Machine

DB Military Press- Single
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