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William Hernandez
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Body Building
• Weight Loss
• Rehabilitation
• Kick Boxing
• Body Sculpting
• calisthenics
Training Locations
• home
• gym
• work

Personal Trainer Overview

I represent discipline, motivation, commitment, passion, and knowledge to make you the healthiest and most active individual you can be.

Most will bicker and agree willingly that they don't need a personal trainer to accomplish their fitness goals. Well, I disagree, you see our purpose is to make you understand that team work is the key to success. No one...I mean no one in this life span triumphs alone we all need each other to get motivated and inspired. We the trainers are the tool you need to achieve and maintain a healthy rigid lifestyle.

Athletes are giving an extraordinary gift but lack the knowledge, patience and ability to develop their talent to that ultimate acme. They must be guided by someone a TRAINER who has the education and knowledge to unleash their gift to the fullest potential. Now, if they need a trainer why can't you!..

If money and time is an issue let me tell you this.."Where there is a will there is a way"...Health has no price but the benefits of longevity.


Training Philosophy

My objective is to aid clients of all types improve their lifestyle by providing an optimal training program with a monthly assessment of your goals and improvements. Health and Wellness is a way of life that requires mental, physical and spiritual maintenance. My 15 years of expertise in fitness and nutrition also improves the ability to make sage eating decision in your social life as well as personal.



M.S in exercise physiology(strength and conditioning)currently developing

NFPT/NASM certified trainer

SBT(Suspended body-weight training)

Kickboxing Certified

Core training Specialist

AIS/PNF Certified



Fitness model

Fitness competitor

Avid athlete


calisthenics pro

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