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Ted Ryce
Miami Beach, Florida 33139 (within 10 miles)
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Body Building
• Weight Loss
• Rehabilitation
• Body Sculpting
• Athletic preparation
Training Locations
• home
• work
• outdoors
• Online
• - NASM Certified Personal Trainer - NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist -

Personal Trainer Overview

I specialize in minimal-equipment exercise routines for fat loss, body sculpting and muscle building. I use a combination of physical skill development, strength and fat loss exercises, and fIexibilty training to get you in your best shape. I also have extensive training in post-rehabilitation fitness and can help work around injuries if not improve them. I regularly attend fitness seminars to learn newest methods to get you in shape as quickly and safely as possible.

Training Philosophy

First of all, personal training is a highly unregulated profession with a low barrier of entry. Most trainers do not possess the skill or knowledge My personal philosophy starts with the belief that exercise programs should be individualized. An 80 year old grandmother with a hip replacement has very different needs than a 27 year old professional basketball player. The program I develop for you will reflect your personal goals as well as what I feel you need to keep you injury free. Anyone can give you a really tough workout. However, it takes skill and expertise to safely and effectively progress you from where you are now to achieving your goal. I have into fitness for 23 years, I have been a professional personal trainer for 13 years, and I have been a competitive athlete (in Brazilian Jiujitsu) for 7 years. I have the knowledge and experience that few other trainers possess.


- AS in Biology

- CHEK Level 1 Internship

- CHEK Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching Level 2

- AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist


Miami native, Ted Ryce has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years. He started his career at the prestigious Eden Roc Resort in Miami Beach, where he spent 5 years practicing and perfecting the many disciplines of fitness that made him into one of Miami’s top, and most respected Personal Trainers.

Ted’s approach to health and fitness is a holistic one that utilizes corrective exercises to reduce aches and pains by reestablishing proper postural alignment and joint mechanics, core training to define and strengthen the midsection and buttock area, and metabolic conditioning to burn off body fat is the fastest way possible. His approach also includes nutritional and supplement counseling for maximum results. Ted also attended Pre-Medical studies, in Miami, which allowed him to strengthen his understanding of the body and how it works – the science behind the practice.

While Ted has helped dozens of people transform their bodies through his fitness programs, Ted’s specialization is in Post Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise. He has undergone specialized training in functional anatomy, physiology, pathology, and specialized exercise techniques to work with a variety of conditions. Helping injured people get out of pain and regain their functional capabilities is his true gift, whether that is getting back into a sport or back into life.

Ted keeps his clients in peak physical condition by constantly keeping up with the latest approaches in fitness by continually educating himself through advanced courses and health literature.

Ted’s highly motivating, yet non-intimidating personality makes fitness approachable for people of ages and commitment levels.

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