Result Driven Personal Trainer in Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Susan Slavinski
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418 (within 10 miles)
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Weight Loss
• Body Sculpting
• Abdominal Sculpting,Lean Muscle
Training Locations
• home
• gym
• studio
• work
• NFPT Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Overview

Are you training but not seeing the results you want? Do you want to lose fat and inches but don't know where to start? Do you want to learn how to effectively train and eat properly on your own? You can achieve all of that and I want to help you get there. I've been helping people lose weight for many years. And I've struggled with my own weight issues. And yes, those pictures above are me. Trust me, I know what works. I have clients from the age of ten to sixty-eight years old.

I help people reach a variety of goals including: Losing Weight, Gaing Strength, Toning or Building Muscle Mass.

Contact me today so we can go over your goals and design a workout and eating plan to get you the results you are looking for. I can train you at your home, in my studio, your gym, club or spa. Call me at 561-676-2249 to schedule a complementary 1 hour consultation. I want to help you reach your goals and there is no better time then now! Ask me about our current packages and specials too!

Follow me on Facebook to get daily tips on fitness and nutrition. My goal is to help you reach yours!

Are you ready to LOVE what you see in the mirror with or without clothes?

Contact me today to start your plan on having the Body Confidence you DESERVE!

Training Philosophy

I will assess your current physique, discuss your goals and provide you a personalized plan to get results. I train a variety of clients, which include marathon runners striving to cut a few seconds on their time, and new moms hoping to lose the baby-weight. After your initial assessment, you will receive a targeted program which includes a nutritional outline and exercise regimen. Proper diet is crucial to change your body, and I will give you an honest nutrition plan that will aggressively assist you in shredding inches.

As experienced, Professional Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer I have created a method of losing weight that preserves lean muscle mass and targets body fat tissue, which will set you up to have a tighter and more shapely ‘after’ body. General weight loss clients working with Build Your Body Confidcence with Susan will also be prescribed physical activity based on their current fitness level. Frequent body composition tests will prove your results and motivate you to continue working hard to achieve your goals. Before pictures and progress pictures are equally important.

I am available to you via email or text messaging & the support I provide will ensure you stay on track!

Make your health a priority and reveal your best to the world! Start creating your dream body with the support and guidance of Build Your Body Confidence with Susan!

To schedule an appointment with me or create a package that fits your needs, please email me at


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I had Personal Trainers for 9 years 3-5 times a week before I became one myself. I think it is very important to succeed in our goals, to have accountability and to push us beyond what we believe we can do. I still, til this day, I have a Coach and a Trainer. I have a passion for fitness, health and nutrition. With those in line we have a balanced body which has no limits!

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