Train with someone who Knows what it takes!

Robert Whyte
Hollywood, Florida 33025 (within 30 miles)
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Body Building
• Weight Loss
• Body Sculpting
Training Locations
• home
• gym
• work
• outdoors
• Certified by ASFA

Personal Trainer Overview

My name is Robert, I'm 43 years young with over 10 years of experience in the Fitness field. I've been professionally training Clients now over 2 years after deciding to leave the corporate world for a career I love and passionate about.

Training Philosophy

I will monitor your progress to ensure that you achieve your personal goal by combining my fitness knowledge and expertise along with my Signature personal touch. I will teach you the true meaning of living 'Healthy' on a daily basis, along with your training. I'll show you how to make healthy 'Clean' choices when grocery shopping, and how to interpret food labels to ensure that you understand what they mean and not be misled. My Training routines are designed for your specific body type, so your program will be customized for your body type.

I strongly believe humans are incredible creatures, that have the potential to achieve great things with our mind and body if we are pushed or motivated. Let me be your motivator.


During my formative years, I had to overcome the stigma of being the fat kid on the block and learn to accept myself for who I am. This I did, and was very comfortable in my skin but always felt there was more, that something was missing. As time passed I became more active and soon started going to a local gym. The peace of mind I discovered from being physically fit and seeing the positive results of exercise and diet on my body created a desire for me to share my experience and to help others

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