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Miami, Florida 33172 (within 10 miles)
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Body Building
• Weight Loss
• Aerobics
• Body Sculpting
• Flexibility/Core Training
Training Locations
• home
• work
• outdoors
• At Home Training

Personal Trainer Overview

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Gorospe, of MindBodyDrive In Home Fitness. I'm an AFPA certified trainer with over 10 years of personal and professional experience. I help busy moms, business owners and professionals get their ENERGY, BODY and LIFE BACK! I love to see my clients achieve their weight loss and body shaping goals to where RESULTS start to impact other areas of their life:

- productivity at work

- endurance in their sport or favorite outdoor activity

- a more focused experience with their spouse and kids

- energy to tackle their day to day errands

I believe getting fit allows us to show up with our BEST version of ourselves to the world. With my complete MindBodyDrive Transformation System, you experience expedited Fat Loss and Muscle Toning using my strategic "Fast and Slow Cardio" Implementation along with FORM-focused Weight Training protocols. You increase your Mobility and Flexibility with the up-to-date Stretching Techniques I serve you at the end of each workout. Not only do you FEEL stronger and walk and stand more gracefully; you also learn how to eat your favorite foods while nourishing your body! Thus, you can enjoy life WHILE looking good and FEELING good in a healthy body!

Call me now at 954 707 8811 or visit www.strongbod.org, so you can move better, eat better, sleep better and FEEL Better :)

I make Body-Shaping a fun journey for you, filled with VARIETY, so you can have Fitness as a permanent LIFESTYLE!

Training Philosophy

A Flexible, STRONG Body is a Well-BALANCED Body that will reflect on ALL areas of our Life-- Emotional, Physical & Mental.

Therefore, Cherish & Invest in Your Body as it is the precious temple in which your Mind & Spirit resides.


Over 10 years of training experience specializing in Fat Loss, Resistance Training, Balance/Core Work and Flexibility, certified by American Fitness and Professionals Association.

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