Linton McClain
Orange Park, Florida 32065 (within 30 miles)
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Weight Loss
• Rehabilitation
• Aerobics
• Kick Boxing
• Body Sculpting
• Refresher Courses, Military Trai
Training Locations
• home
• studio
• work
• outdoors
• NESTA: Certified Personal Trainer Certified Wellness Coach Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist Kids Nutrition Specialist IHRSA Boxing Fitness

Personal Trainer Overview

My specialty is personalizing a plan that works for your goals. I take the time to focus on the method that works best for you. As they say, patience is a virtue. With that said, we won't rush through any part of the process and I will be with you every step of the way. Personal Training is supposed to be personal. No worries, we will get you where you are going one step at a time; no matter how long it takes.

Training Philosophy

Fitness is an expression for everyone; no matter who you are. We all want to be healthy and strong in the areas in which we choose to express ourselves. Think about it. We all want to look good in our clothes. We all want to have confidence and strength when we are moving around through out the day. We don't want to be tired at the end of the day. Most of all, we simply want to look great. You can have all of these things with a solid foundation. That's what I am here to help you build no matter where you are starting from.


I joined the Navy at 17 years old and it taught me the value of discipline, organization, and hard work. The Navy was the first experience I had as a fitness coach. I helped a fellow sailor fit back into his dress uniform. He and I were both proud of this accomplishment and it started me down the path of coaching others to get in shape.

After leaving the military I decided to become certified as a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Boxing Fitness Instructor, and Life Coach. I work on the physical and mental aspects of training.

In my years of training, I have helped numerous individuals achieve their fitness goals; youth, adult, elderly, athlete, military, and injured.


My name is Linton Mcclain (owner of SB Sculpting). You're looking at one of Jacksonville's most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. My training experience began in 2001. I was originally born in Greensboro, Ga. I joined the military following my schooling. I fell in love with fitness when I was a freshman in high school. My desire to help others get in shape came when I joined the US Navy. I helped someone get into a uniform they couldn't fit in anymore. It was a great feeling to see someone achieve their goals. As a result, I became very involved in military fitness training.

Helping someone accomplish their goals and dreams is something I take pride in. As a hobby, I began training on active duty. After 5 years of the United States Navy I began training full-time. I trained at a local gym for a year. I am a NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Boxing Fitness Instructor, and also certified in Lifestyle and Weight Management. I am also a Certified Life Coach.

From our conversations and training sessions, you will quickly realize I am not your average personal trainer. I train for long-term results. Your goal is my goal. I will help get you there the fastest and safest way possible. With that being said, I will not advise you much on supplements or shortcuts. I will show you the natural way of losing weight and/or getting in shape for the long haul. If you have weight you want to lose, I want you to lose it and keep it off. If it is muscle you want to gain, I want you to develop it and maintain it. I want you to get fit and stay in shape. I will train you to increase your fitness level, taking you from where you are to where you want to go.

As a trainer, I understand that everyone is not on the same level of fitness. I can also assure you that this will not be easy and overnight. Commit to me and I will commit to you. Being fit is a lifestyle, not a chore. When you care more about your health than your clothes and make-up, you are on the right track. Believe it or not, your health is what gets you the job you want. You can get another job; not another body. Don't let your work suck the life out of you and take away your most precious asset. Your health is your most precious asset. You deserve to look good, feel good, and to enjoy your life. AREN'T YOU TIRED OF BEING TIRED!

Unfortunately, there was another event which ignited my passion for health. It was the early death of my mother. When my mother passed away, it made me really want to teach and educate everyone more about fitness. My mother died at 56 years old. Don't you think that is a young age? For the parents out there, you have a responsibility to be there for your sons and daughters. They sure are counting on you to be in their lives for a long time. I hope that I can teach everyone more about health, fitness, and life.

There is more to life than working. Living is also a part of life. Don't let your pass you by, you only live once. You and I both know that. You can't turn back time, lets do it right the first time. My style of training consists of education, challenges, goals, checks, and balances. We have a big goal to accomplish. It is my job to help you get there. Ask questions. Be sure to get every question answered and satisfy your curiosity. The more questions you ask, the more you will learn. The more you learn from me, the more you will be able to apply the right techniques to your own workout. You will be in great physical condition when your diet, exercise program, and lifestyle are all positive.


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