personal trainer, boxing trainer, mma trainer, cardio trainer

Jimmy Lyons
Orlando, Florida 32819 (within 10 miles)
Trains male only
• Strength Building
• Body Building
• Weight Loss
• Rehabilitation
• Yoga
• Pilates
• Aerobics
• Spin
• Taichi
• Kick Boxing
• Body Sculpting
Training Locations
• home
• gym
• studio
• ace
• issa
• state of Florida boxing trainer
• kick boxer trainer
• mma trainer
• 15 different black belts in 5 different countries. many more !!!

Personal Trainer Overview

I train people in fitness and sports as well as medical problems clients. More gyms or trainers you go to only do 1 or 2 things and thats fine but I bring a lot of different kind of training to the table. I ve worked with models, superstars, nba players , nfl players , mma fighters, 400 lbs women and men, etc. let me help you get to the next level!!!!

Training Philosophy

get fit America and down with fast food monsters!!!! I think any exercise is better then no exercise but bigger then that we need to balance our diets. I think changing the workout offering is a great idea and it works. Talking to your clients and asking them about there day. Become apart of there life sometimes we just need a ear to listen . Bring in healthy foods sometimes so your clients can try a new dish. Be a friend and trainer.




My bio is simple its time for a change so let get fit America !!!!!!

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