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Erik Jones
Plano, Texas 75024 (within 30 miles)
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Weight Loss
• Aerobics
• Body Sculpting
Training Locations
• home
• work
• outdoors
• CI-CPT (Cooper)

Personal Trainer Overview

Fundamental Fitness provides personal fitness training in your home, office, or community fitness center. One of the most comprehensive body transformation programs available from a private certified trainer includes:

- Customized strength, aerobic, and nutrition plans to meet your unique goals

- Flexible scheduling that caters to your busy lifestyle

- Personalized service and accountability from your very own certified personal trainer

- Access to online calorie tracking tools and heart-rate monitors are provided to all new clients at no additional cost

Training Philosophy

Our approach to training is that it should be challenging but not painful, enjoyable but not easy or comfortable. Designed based on your specific goals and needs, your training regimen will include 2-3 sessions a week with your trainer, during which you will experience a motivating 60 minute strength and toning workout. On the days you are not meeting with your trainer, you will have a cardio/aerobic plan that you will follow on your own to build endurance and burn calories. Lastly, and most importantly, you will be provided with a nutrition plan and tracking tool to provide you with the information you need to know you are eating enough (but not too much!) to energize your workouts, and meet any weight loss goals you have set.


Certified Personal Trainer, Cooper Institute, Dallas Texas


Erik was raised in the Chicago area and moved to Texas in 2000. With a degree in business, he worked in corporate environments in both accounting and human resources. It was while working as an HR consultant with top executives at a Fortune 50 company that he discovered his passion for coaching and helping others succeed.

Erik is also a lifelong sports and fitness enthusiast. He played baseball up through high school, and has always tried to make time for biking, running, and strength training. After his first child was born, he realized the demands on his time between work and home were taking a toll on his health and wellness. He and his wife decided to hire an in-home personal trainer, and it was through that experience that Erik found how he could combine his interest in coaching others with fitness.

Through his own experiences with diet and exercise, Erik firmly believes that anyone can make significant positive changes in their life with the right motivation, information, and coaching. His goal in founding Fundamental Fitness is to provide a convenient and effective way for people with busy lifestyles to achieve their fitness goals.

Erik trains clients in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, and Prosper, Texas.

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