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David Thomas
Pompano Beach, Florida 33065
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Weight Loss
• Rehabilitation
• Aerobics
Training Locations
• home
• work
• outdoors
• NFPT Personal Traine Certification Nutrition Specialist
• Sport Nutrition Senior Fitness CPR

Personal Trainer Overview

Inzyde Out reflects the philosophy that whatever you feed your mind and body will ultimately be the outcome. Our mission is to empower individuals into achieving “OPTIMAL HEALTH.” Our entire team is a strong advocate for real fitness, with real exercise and real food, which brings real results to real people.

Training Philosophy

Inzyde Out is the Premiere source of first class In- Home Personal Training and Nutritional Counseling. of fitness, Post Rehabilitation, or you just want to lose weight, and get in shape;

you have come to the right place! Nationally certified Personal Trainers and Dietitians provide premiere quality exercise training programs and nutritional counseling, in the comfort of your home.


Whether in the morning when you wake up, at lunchtime or when you get home from work, we will be there to serve you. After a great session you can immediately take a shower in the comfort of your home and continue to enjoy the rest of your day.

Time Saving

No need to worry about Traffic and getting to the gym we come to you save you the driving time so you can do more important things. Lose weight and get fit without wasting time.

Judgment Free Zone

An in home fitness training program let you enjoy a judgment free zone. There are no stares, no crowds, no punks and no sweaty machines.

Our In-Home Training program also offers Personal Nutritional consultations to meet your specific dietary needs. In addition to nutrition counseling our Chefs will teach you how to prepare nutritious healthy meals, that are right for you in the comfort of your home. To ensure your fitness success we provide a free comprehensive Motivational support system.


B.Sc. Psychology

NFPT Personal Traine Certification

Nutrition Specialist, Sport Nutrition

Senior Fitness



I have spent the last 25 years actively involved in sports or physical activities whether coaching or playing. Coach soccer at the Division 1 and college level. I was a very successful Sprint and relay athlete. for the last ten years I have been involved in personal training at some level or the other.

Wellness Program Manager

Develop and manage the implementation of multi-focus wellness program. Compiled detailed program plan and supervised its implementation. Held full responsibilities; for planning, marketing, and advertising. Develop and presented PowerPoint Presentations.

Key Achievements:

• Grew business by 45% over 3 years

• Created a sustained wellness awareness and lifestyle change among patients

• 20% sustained reduction in morbid obesity levels

• Design and produce company’s first Wellness brochure

Personal Trainer

Provide personal training to several private clients. Designed work out plan to meet each individual clients needs, and the establish meal plans to fit individual needs. Provided a few group sessions where needed.

Key Achievements:

• Created Lose the Weight and Keep it off, lifestyle approach

• Had an average of loss of 35 pounds

• Help created an effective meal plan/lifestyle approach for Diabetics

Wellness Presenter & motivational Speaker (Independent)

Create PowerPoint programs to communicate and educate employers, employees, and leadership teams and other interest groups, on the business value of good health and wellness. Conduct wellness seminars on obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, and living a healthy life. Create exercise programs for Diabetics, and Back pain suffers.

Key Achievements:

• Influenced the establishment of several wellness programs

• Motivated and assisted a group of back pain suffers to start exercise program

• Received repeated request for PowerPoint presentations

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