Fitness Trainer

Clay Ayala
Hollywood, Florida 33021
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Weight Loss
• Rehabilitation
• Kick Boxing
• Post Rehab-Strength & Conditioni
Training Locations
• studio
• outdoors
• ACE- Circuit & Fitness Trainer SBT-LeanAbolic Fitcamp Coach SBT Extreme Coach USMC-Basic Nutrition Course NFPT-Master Trainer NFPT-Advanced Weight Training Specialist NFPT-Nutrition Specialist NFPT-Resistance Training Specialist

Personal Trainer Overview

In regards to change, transform your body by the renewing of your mind. In other words, change your thinking pattern and your body will follow. If you are not willing, I can not help you.

Training Philosophy

I am a firm believer of doing what works in order to achieve results. In order to attain results of any kind during training, one must do the type of training that WORKS best towards accomplishing a goal. Everyone is different. We, as individuals, so not share same body type and/or goals. Therefore, we cannot all train using the same method of training. Consequently, an exercise program should be tailored to the spexific needs of an individual.

Finally, I emphasize proper form and safety through my sessions. These two concepts go hand in hand during training-to practice one and not the other, is the same as ignoring both.


US Marine Corps (1998-2001)

Broward College (2001-2004)




Clay has been passionate about fitness most of his life. As a child and young adult he studied traditional Tae Kwon Do competing in numerous local, national and international tournaments. He spent most of his school early years competing in sports like baseball, basketball, track and field, boxing and high school wrestling. His favorites were basketball, boxing and martial arts, in which he started participating when he was only seven years old. In 1997, at the age of eighteen he began weight training while attending the United State Marine Corps military occupational school in Fort Eustis, Virginia. This would be the beginning of a journey towards becoming a certified personal trainer.

In 2006, a friend offered Clay a position as a sales representative with Lady of America fitness center. Soon after, he became a certified personal trainer by the National Federation of Professional Trainers or NFPT, and started working as a full time personal trainer with the franchise in Miami Gardens, Florida. In July of 2007, the young trainer moved to Austin , Texas to be closer to his wife and newborn. While in Austin, Clay worked for 123 Fit and later became a certified Circuit & Fitness Trainer by the American Council on Exercise better know as ACE. There he worked one-on-one with business owners, teachers, marathon runners, dispatchers, medical assistance, doctors, nurses, college students, ex-military members, and stay-home moms. It was during that time the idea of helping people live better lives was born.

Clay currently holds numerous certifications and continues to further his knowledge of fitness. He is now the proprietor of Body Method Personal Training-a personal training service operating in the Hollywood, Florida area. He specializes in circuit training, functional training, core training, woman fitness, weight loss management and strengthing and conditioning.

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