Its Becomes a Life Style

Aleksey Potashnikov
Miami, Florida 33184
Trains both men and women
• Strength Building
• Body Building
• Weight Loss
• Rehabilitation
• Yoga
• Pilates
• Aerobics
• Kick Boxing
• Body Sculpting
• Pool Workouts
Training Locations
• outdoors

Personal Trainer Overview

Our mission, at Aleksey Fitness, is to provide only the best in personal training and customer service to our clients. Our clients are also our friends, and we take our relationship with our clients very seriously.

If you are ready to get started, our personal trainers would love to meet you and set up a free, no obligation, consultation. Our trainers want to learn about you, and how we can help you achieve all of your goals. Feel free to contact us any time, and we look forward to assisting you.

Training Philosophy

Life isn't easy. We all get tired at the end of the day, and sometimes feel lethargic. Not only do we educate our clients on how to exercise and eat properly, but also to help our clients increase quality of life.

Before you can truly be happy and self actualize in life, you must first be happy and love yourself. Our personal trainers strive to to provide a balanced life that contributes to the individual’s long-term physical, intellectual, and social growth. Our training programs encourage individuals from teens through seniors to enhance their levels of strength, endurance, and flexibility, in the most productive, practical, and safest manner possible.


IFA Certified


Born in Minsk, Belarus

Graduate from the University of Florida with a Bachelors degree.

Training is my passion.

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