Now that you've decided to hire a Personal Trainer, you should pick one that fits your needs.

Your personal trainer should be certified through a personal trainer certification organization so they have the skills to safely help you reach your fitness goals. Your trainer needs to assess your physical abilities, design a training program and motivate you. So, it is important to pick a personal trainer that has the qualifications and fits your personality as well.

Personal Trainer Qualifications:


The experience your personal trainer has should match your fitness goals. If you want to build muscle, your personal trainer will have knowledge of specific exercises for building mussel mass as well as knowledge of nutritional supplements that help regenerate muscle tissue. However, if you are looking to tone your body, then you should hire a personal trainer that has strong nutritional knowledge that can help you focus on those tough to lose areas of your body. Other areas include, rehabilitation, sports conditioning, and mma training.


We highly recommend that your personal trainer have up to date certifications. Current certifications are important because new scientific information is discovered all the time which can help you achieve your goals faster and safer. Trainers have to constantly take courses to keep their certification from most of the reputable fitness organizations such as NASM, ISSA or ACSM.

Safety First

Exercise is not without risk. Your heart rate will elevate and your body will sweat in an attempt to keep cool. Your breathing will increase and fatigue will most likely set on. Endorphins may kick in and mask these symptoms. And, unless you're a trained medical physician, it is unlikely that you will know how far is too much. And, if something should happen, who's going to treat you?

Personal trainers tend to push you harder than you would yourself. This enables you to more effectively get the results you want. However, there is risk involved. If you start to lose the color in your face or begin to lose your balance, your trainer should detect this and slow down your routine. If you should pass our, then your trainer is the one that will be there to diagonose the problem and potentiall save your life. So, be sure and pick a trainer that knows CPR and First Aid. It's also a good idea to make sure your gym has an Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in case you need it.


Your personal trainer should be healthy, well groomed, and punctual. You need someone that sets a good example for you to follow. Fitness assessments, goal determination, regular scheduled appointment, body measurements, weight tracking, diet plans, and clean/bacteria free equipment/facilities are all very important. The last thing you need is to get sick and lose your motivation. Keeping you on tracek is your trainers job. Make sure you pick someone that you respect.


You will be spending a great deal of time with your trainer and working closely with them. You will be putting a lot of trust in them as they give you instructions and push you to reach your goals. You need someone that you feel comfortable with - someone that you trust - and someone that listens to you. Communication is an integral part of training so you need a trainer that fits your personality.

Legitimate Personal Training Certification Companies:

Below is a short list of some of the most well know certification companies. Check to see that your trainer has one or more of these certifications and that they are current.

Cost Considerations:

For each session, expect to pay between $20 to $100 depending on your needs. If you're on a budget, ask your trainer if they offer discounts for group lessons. The number of years of experience and specialties generally affect the cost of your session. Buying a series of sessions or paying in advance can sometimes help decreases your costs.


A Personal Trainer should pay attention to you, correct your alignment, explain what muscles you're working and why, and be there to guide you through a fitness program. It's your body, time, and money, so you have the right to get what you want; a qualified Personal Trainer will understand that.

In return, be courteous and respectful of your Personal Trainer by showing up on time, saving personal phone calls till after your session, bringing your own water and towel, and listening to instructions without interrupting. This should be a rewarding time for you; ensure your Personal Trainer is qualified and experienced so you can build a relationship and reap the benefits of health and fitness. Good luck!

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