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Personal Trainer Overview


I believe that the mind will give up before the body. It is when you learn this that you will truly become limitless in what you can do physically. I train each individual exactly as that, an individual. Everyone has weaknesses and through proper training, weak will become powerful. There is no bound to my training. It can be sport specific, weight loss, muscle gain, or rehabbing an injury. My major goal is to train and teach people to become more healthy, it's just a bonus that the outcome is looking amazing.

Training Philosophy


​A. A trainers job is to assess your fitness level, figure out what your goals are (or help you set goals) set up a program and keep you motivated. He or she will push you past your comfort level--something difficult to do on your own. A trainer also provides:

-Guidance on reaching your goals

-Education about strength training, cardio and basic nutrition

-A reason to show up at the gym each week


-Helps you track your progress.​



1) Education: Shawn is certified through a reputable personal training organization (IFPA) and is always continuing his education.

2) CPR: Shawn has an updated certification in CPR and first aid.

3) Experience: Shawn has experience that will relate to your goals. For example, if you're a bodybuilder, have a specific medical problem, injury or condition (such as being pregnant, difficulty getting pregnant, heart problems, diabetes, etc.), Shawn is well educated, versed and experienced in these areas and will work with your doctor.

4) A good listener: Shawn will listen closely to what you say and make sure he understands your goals.

5) Attention: Shawn will always be focused only on you during your sessions.

6) Tracking progress: Shawn will regularly assess your progress and change things if necessary.


A. Anywhere!! New York is %17 green space!! But Shawn also does house visits and will assist in proper equipment being attained. He has a great relationship with several gyms but can also come to your gym.


A. Prices are negotiable, always affordable and payment plans can be arranged


sport injury prevention

weight training techniques

fitness assessment

nutrition counseling

kettle bell training

stability balls

boot camp instructing

sports conditioning

group fitness


My personal weight loss story...​

It wasn't long ago that I was over weight and out of shape. I'd say about 4 years ago I stepped on a scale and the number I saw was shocking to say the least. My entire life I was an athlete and it seemed impossible to even put on a pound. Well, from what I saw on the scale and in the mirror it wasn't just a pound, It was about 50 of them. It was at this same time in my life that I was extremely over worked at my job, and also very depressed with the stress that everything seemed to compile on me at once. I remember clearly having a conversation with me about how I showed all the signs of depression and she knew because she went through the very same thing. So she recommended I see a psychologist because it was very possible that I had an imbalance of sorts. Indeed, she was right! The very first visit, I left the office with samples of Zoloft and a full prescription in my hands. I also left with the added diagnosis of a panic disorder. While, at the time, it gave me some sense of relief because I felt that the problem would finally be resolved and I could be me again, it was too bad for me that this medication was only a partial fix and only made me feel like half of who I was when I was younger. So, I continued to see the doctor and one time while sitting in the waiting area I decided to pick up a magazine. I flipped through it not really caring what I was reading until I came across this article about a woman diagnosed with panic disorder. I read how she got off of medications because she was working out and got really big into martial arts. She talked about how she never felt better. So now it was my turn to see the doctor and to my surprise his recommendation to me was to go on disability because I wasn't adapting like I should have been. I looked at that as a copout and was actually very upset at the thought. There was no way I was going to let that happen to me. That same week I was laid off from my job and in remembering the article I read, my journey began. With all my free time I decided that I was going to start eating healthy and work out for at least an hour a day. Excited about my new found journey, I started doing research on nutrition because after the first week I was already bored with eating the same stuff. What I learned absolutely fascinated me, and I wanted to learn more. I began reading books and really pushing myself through workouts that I designed. I read about kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition, anatomy, and seriously learned how the body worked from the inside. I didn’t know it but, the trainer in me had begun to sprout and all of this new found knowledge made it easy for me to design workouts based on my fitness level or, anyone for that matter.. After just one month I felt like a completely different person. I didn't have to take anything for depression, my energy level drastically increased, and the clarity in which my brain worked was just phenomenal. I lost almost 30 lbs my first month, and I wasn't the only one that noticed. So many people started to ask questions like what was I eating, where did I workout, and what was I doing? Not even realizing it but, when I talked about nutrition and fitness, I seemed to just infect people with inspiration. Six months into my journey every one of my family members and friends was living a healthier lifestyle simply because they saw what it did for me. I had officially found my passion in life and became an IFPA certified Trainer. I now make it my goal in life to teach, train, and motivate others to be more healthy. I believe that there are three things the human body needs and that's mental stimulation, physical exertion, and great nutrition. Giving yourself these each and everyday will keep you out of the doctors office and living life to the fullest. I train because I love it, and the effects I have seen fitness have on people are nothing short of miraculous. Stop making excuses and give your body what it wants and needs, and I promise you the change you will amaze you. Hope to see you soon!

Shawn Smith

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